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【NEW National standard for anti-Blue light】

                                                     YILENS OPTICAL anti-blue ray lenses meet the standard

The latest national standard against Blue light "GB/T 38120-2019" has been officially launched on July 1 2020.  You may have a lot of questions in mind: What is blue light? How do you identify the standard anti-blue glasses?

How is blue light good or bad?

Blue light refers to the light with a wavelength between 400 and 500 nanometers, which is common in everyday life. All kinds of energy-saving lights, LED lights and  flat panel displays, liquid crystal displays, mobile phone screens and so on.

It is widely believed that blue light can cause photochemical damage to our eye retina, leading to macular degeneration and even blindness. In this regard, according to the data from the visual health and safety protection laboratory, short-wave blue light with a wavelength of less than 445nm is harmful .

What is the new national standard against blue light?

The introduction of the new national standard not only sets a stricter standard for anti-blue ray lens, but also puts forward a more standardized requirement for the industry.

 YILENS OPTICAL immediately sent the lenses with anti-blue ray function to the National glasses product quality supervision and Inspection Center for testing. After quality inspection, YILENS OPTICAL anti-Blue ray lens series all meet the issued national standards.




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